Our History


The beginning.....

Winegrowers for several generations, the family has settled in Billy Le Grand, a small village classified as a 1er Cru, located on the south-eastern slope of the Montagne de Reims.


The whole family

Until 1992, Jean Claude and Marie France Bocart worked alone on the farm. After that date, their daughter Beatrice Bonnevie and her husband Eric Bonnevie settled with them and the estate continued to develop.


New identity

Since 2007 and the parents' cessation of activity, the brand has become Champagne Bonnevie-Bocart. Membership of the Regional Federation of Independent Winegrowers of Champagne a few years later.


Towards a new generation

Today, Béatrice and Eric continue to operate the vineyard with a constant concern for quality improvement. The know-how passed down from generation to generation gives hope that the next generation will be assured....

Since 2015, the operation has been HVE certified. The High Environmental Value label is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and allows, among other things, the preservation of biodiversity.